Come Work With Us!

View the top reasons to work at Eagle View Elementary School!


  • Did you become a teacher because you want to make a difference for kids?
  • Do you strive to be a lifelong learner and participate in continued quality professional development that informs and enhances your practice?
  • Do you believe in flexibility, carry a growth mindset, and presume positivity towards change?
  • Do you believe in building strong relationships and trust with students and families?
  • Do you believe that all students should have the opportunity and access to a rigorous curriculum?

You might belong here if you answered YES to all of these questions. We are looking for great teachers-experienced and new, who are dedicated, hardworking, have compassion for our students and passion in their work and strive to create a positive learning environment for all.

Our vision focuses on Equity for all with a focus on RelationshipsCommunity, and Positivity. The focus on access and opportunity for all our students is a lens that we use to impact our educational practices, specifically when providing interventions and enrichment. We are focused on our MTSS processes to include support in academics and behavior.

Students and staff have access to a wide range of technology, including mobile laptop carts and computer labs. We have a diverse staff who bring various experiences to support our diverse population of students. We follow a Balanced Literacy approach using many resources from Jan Richardson’s “Next Steps in Guided Reading” and are committed to our Math Workshop focus. We are learning together to create Project Based Learning activities for students and have been keenly focused on Portrait of a Graduate attribute to include Communicator, Collaborator, and Critical Thinker.

Students are learning various character traits, such as Perseverance and Self Control, through our school-wide PBIS initiatives. We are very excited to be part of the Positivity Project for the past three years!

We want those with a like mindset to join our teams and be part of the journey to make Eagle View an outstanding place for students to learn and teachers to lead #TogetherWeSoar!

Resumes and references with contact information may be emailed to our principal, Ms. KJ An, at [email protected].